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Schedule 2015-16

Schedule 2015-16






Tuesday, September 20 | 6:00pm

Israeli Archaeology
with Judy Moore Kraichnan

Judy will share her photos and discuss her firsthand account of the archaeological sites she visited in Israel.



The Lone Soldier

with Michael Marx

Santa Fean Michael Marx will share his experience as an American lone soldier in the Israeli Givati Brigade in 2011.




Sponsored by Lena Keslin in honor of her parents and Camille Ovitsky in loving memory of her parents. Hosted by Joan Grossman and Marlena Rosnel.





Ushpizin.PNGThursday, October 20 | 6:00pm





Sukkah Party - Open to Men and Women

Viewing Ushpizin Film

Sukkah party in Santa Fe'’s largest Sukkah! Featuring the fascinating and humorous, award-winning Israeli Sukkot movie Ushpizin!




Sponsored by Martha Schlenger in loving memory of her nephew, Elijah J.J. Winter; Vivian Reinikainen Gundzik in honor of John Gundzik's birthday and Jane Davis in loving memory of her mother, Ruth Pauker Davis. | Hosted by Martha Schlenger.








Literature.PNGTuesday, November 29 | 6:00pm




Israel Through The Eyes of Its Prime Ministers

Dr. Richard Lieberman

Exploring the work and writings of Yehuda Avner, speechwriter and adviser to four prime ministers, and discussing the complexities and courage of the leaders who brought Israel from a fledgling state to a major regional power and their quest for peace.




Sponsored by Donna Secular in honor of her mother, Audrey Secular and Jane Hochberg in honor of her 34th wedding anniversary. | Hosted by Marilyn Bennett






Chanukah.PNGWednesday, December 28


Chanukah Party!

Israeli Dancing

Kathleen Lowry

Enjoy our not-to-be-missed annual Chanukah party and put your dancing shoes on as Kathleen leads us in fun Israeli dancing!




Sponsored by Stephanie Rosen in loving memory of her Bubby Claire Matz; Carol Lieberman in loving memory of Marion Lieberman and Doris Francis in loving memory of Louis Erhard. | Hosted by Karen Tobin and Regina Klapper.








Literature.PNGTuesday, January 24 | 6:00pm




Jews in Israel after the Second Temple

Dr. Yehuda Patt

Yehuda will discuss the history of Jewish life in the land of Israel after the destruction of the second Temple.




Modern Israeli Literature

Dr. Nurit Patt

Nurit will lead a lively discussion of modern Israeli literature as exemplified by the work of two authors.




Sponsored by Lisa Freeman in loving memory of her mother, Beady A. Freeman; Carolyn Albin in loving memory of Wendy Jane Sukman. | Hosted by Lisa Freeman.








US - Israel Relations.PNGThursday, February 23 | 6:00pm




US-Israeli Political Relations

Dr. Halley Faust

After an election, what are the probable leanings and initiatives regarding US-Israeli political and military policy?




Judaic Ceramic Painting

Yaszmina Nedboy

Ceramic plate painting with Judaic designs.




Sponsored by Judy Moore-Kraichnan in loving memory of her husband, Robert H. Kraichnan and Gloria Abella Ballen in honor of her two grandsons. | Hosted by Camilla Mandler in loving memory of her parents.






Tel Dor.PNGWednesday, March 29 | 6:00pm




The Jewel of the Eastern Mediterranean

Francine Landau

Francine will discuss the history of Tel Dor, its various cultures and what the archaeologists and scientists are discovering, along with a photo presentation.




Sponsored by Karen Tobin in loving memory of her husband, Bruce Tobin; Phyllis Kapp in honor of her parents; and Carmen M. Rodriguez in loving memory of her parents, Gabriel and Anecieta Rodriguez. | Hosted by Joan Grossman; and Yaszmina Joanna Nedboy in loving memory of her parents, Sally and Harry Nedboy








Jewelry.PNGThursday, April 27 | 6:00pm




Judaic Jewelry Making

Artist Sharon Samuels

Sharon is back by popular demand. She will help us create necklaces with semi precious stones. Each necklace will have a Judaic charm in line with “A Taste of Israel.”




Sponsored by Beverly Berger and Trudy Blitz in loving memory of their husband and father, Joseph Blitz; Nurit Patt in honor of spring and rejuvenation and Joyce Gitomer in honor of our granddaughter Portia Berman’s Bat Mitzvah. | Hosted by Beverly Berger and Trudy Blitz.








Tech and Trade.PNGTuesday, May 23 | 6:00pm




Israeli Tech and Trade

Raya Albin

Israel boasts the highest number of scientists, technicians and engineers per capita in the world. We will discuss theories about how such a young country became known as the “Start Up Nation.”




Sponsored by Paulina Braiman-Robinson: in honor of her grandchildren and husband; and Brooke Remmert in loving memory of her mother, Grace Singer Cane Mason. Hosted by Paulina Braiman-Robinson






Cooking.PNGTuesday, June 20 | 6:00pm




Israeli Cooking

Marcelle Wallace

Spice up your Middle Eastern cuisine with a Hummus making contest hosted by Marcelle Wallace!




Sponsored by Regina Klapper in loving memory of her father, Yerucham Fischel Eisman; Joan Grossman in honor of her three children and three grandchildren.Hosted by Camille Ovitsky.




Membership Features

Jewish Women's Circle membership covers September 2016 through June 2017. Membership will remain at $63 and includes all 10 monthly meetings and activities. Non-member fees will be $12. Becoming a member will save you money, but here are two new features that will give you additional reasons to join:

1. Birthday Club! Members will get abirthday hatsbunch of birthday goodies: their birthdays announced in this newsletter, a card, a cake in honor of that month's birthday girls, and a lovely gift! (We have already purchased gifts and I can tell you they are truly beautiful!) Make sure when you renew that you tell us when your birthday is so we can add it to the list.

2. Share your news here! If you are a member and you have any exciting news that you want the group to know about, send it to us and we'll run it in this newsletter. Is your child getting married? Do you have an art exhibit opening? Have you just published a book? Whatever it is, you'll be able to publicize it here!

Remember, these two new features will be available to members only! So send $63 your membership check to our treasurer, Joan Grossman, at 513 Rio Grande Ave., Santa Fe NM 87501.  Or click here